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As of version 9, MenuItem now takes the Method option, similarly to Dynamic and Button. Which means that you can make it a "Queued" evaluation. To demonstrate: FrontEndExecute[ FrontEnd`AddMenuCommands[ "Open", {MenuItem["Delayed New", System`KernelExecute[Pause[10]; NotebookCreate[]], System`MenuEvaluator -> Automatic]}]] Here we have a ...


You want to use PopupMenu: PopupMenu[a, {a, b, c, d}] Note, if you want it to be dynamically linked to a variable, use: PopupMenu[Dynamic[x], {a, b, c, d}] Then, x takes the value given by the drop down menu:


EDIT As rasher observes my answer does not answer your direct question. Tooltip wrapper does not appear to work for ListPicker items. I posted this answer in the event it achieves your aim or motivates your own answer. I am not certain what your ultimate aim is. I have modified your code (esp. avoid uppercase variable names to avoid conflicts with ...


Here's a guess at what you're after, although I think b and c are switched. a = "Algebraicas"; b = "Trigonometricas"; c = "Tercer Grado"; y = w + 1; Manipulate[ Plot[selection, {x, -5, 5}], {type, {a, b, c}, ControlType -> PopupMenu}, {selection, Dynamic[type /. {a -> {Sqrt[x] -> TraditionalForm[Sqrt[x]], x^2}, b -> ...


Mathematica ships with it's own Qt libraries. Consider replacing them with the system libraries, then it probabily fits nicely into the Ubuntu layout. This guide will probabily also workk with newer Mathematica versions: http://homepage.uibk.ac.at/~c705283/archives/2010/03/29/mathematica_7_qt_style/index.html

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