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I suspect part of the problem may be in specifying integer variables, e.g. if the underlying code does branching (offhand I don't know if this happens though). So you could change it to take a real vector and use Round on that in f[...]. Also it is best to avoid symbolic preprocessing. THis can be done by "black boxing" the objective so that it only exists ...


Here are some debugging ideas and a possible workaround. Note that for v10, I am using the Wolfram Programming Cloud, which as far as I can tell, is reproducing your results. Version specific specific problem Using this code: $HistoryLength = 0; i = Import["ExampleData/CTengine.tiff", "Image3D"]; oldMem = MemoryInUse[]; GaussianFilter[i, 5]; ...


If you need only a few, then randomly choosing them would be easy and perhaps sufficient. The following will produce n = 10 tuples. With[{n = 10}, NestWhile[ DeleteDuplicates @ Join[#, RandomInteger[{-1, 1}, {n - Length[#], 116}]] &, {}, Length[#] < n &] ]


As others said, there are 3^116 such tuples, so no existing computer will be able to cycle through them in reasonable time. Just to put it in some context, it would take a 1 GHz CPU $3^{116}/10^9/3600/24/365.25 = 7\times 10^{38}$ years to go through this many clock cycles, which is many orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe. Recommended ...


NOTE: I forgot about this. Apparently, the following should (presumably) be the way to change these settings, but the actual feature has not been implemented yet. You can change this using UndoOptions. To go back to version 9 behavior, use this: SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], UndoOptions -> {"MaxLength" -> 1, "RememberEvaluations" -> ...


It doesn't seem to happen on Mma v9 WinXP. The Virtual size increases, but only once: Initial state: After generating one image: After deleting the first image from the front end: After generating a second image: After deleting the second image:

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