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Your code creates the following Locators, as stored in the Front End in its box form: {LocatorBox[ Dynamic[$CellContext`betweenPnt[{1.08, 0.94}, {1.08, 0.036}, 0.5]]], LocatorBox[ Dynamic[$CellContext`betweenPnt[{1.08, 0.94}, {0., 0.97}, 0.5]]], LocatorBox[ Dynamic[$CellContext`betweenPnt[{1.08, 0.036}, {1.94, 0.49}, 0.5]]], LocatorBox[ ...


The behavior you describe is the normal behavior for expressions displayed dynamically. For example, if you create a 3D graphics object, evaluate it, rotate the object in the output image with the mouse, and delete the output, when you re-evaluate the 3D graphic, the new output image appears in the rotated position of the deleted image. To clarify the ...

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