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I can't guarantee that the Import will work properly without having a sample ".m" file, but somewhere in my dim past, I've used MatLab, and I recall that ".m" files are simple text files. Therefore, we can do the following. Suppose that the file in which you have stored C_p_e = C_state/C_c; C_p_f = I_state/I_i; R_p_e = R_r*C_p_f; I_p_e = ...


It's hard to know quite where to start with this, but I'd start with the answers to this question for some initial guidance. As a general guide, nested For loops are almost never necessary and using list-based operations is much more efficient, as well as readable and less prone to error. Let's take the inner loop first. For[h = 1, h <= 3, h = h + ...

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