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This is not exactly an answer, but do to the large chat under previous answer I would like to point out that ToMatlab, provides the page where you can find the package, however many struggles with not being able to download it. I had the same problem until I pressed down alt key and pressed the link at the bottom of the page. Might save a bit of time!


Paste into "" and try this: str = "0 0 1,00000000000000e-20 0,100000000000000 1,78810000000000e-09 0,300000000000000 2,94930000000000e-09 0,500000000000000 4,37810000000000e-09 0,700000000000000 5,58330000000000e-09 0,900000000000000 5,60570000000000e-09 1"; imp[s_String] := ImportString[s, "Table", "NumberPoint" -> ","] ...


Finally I got a feedback from Wolfram support on the AMD algorithm. It turned out that there is (almost as usual) an undocumented implementation of the AMD algorithm within Mathematica. The algorithm is exactly identical to the MATLAB implementation, thus exactly what I was looking for. By calling SparseArray`ApproximateMinimumDegree[m_Matrix] one gets ...

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