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I am able to use both, RunProcess and StartProcess, to execute a built-in shell command. At least it works for me on OSX, with zsh or sh shell. Here is a minimal example with the built-in command source (like in the OP's question). First, let's choose our shell : myshell = "/bin/zsh"; (* or "/bin/sh" *) This is some trivial shell script we'd like to ...


RunProcess can only run commands that are separate binaries, and commands like source and exec are built into the shell, not independent of it. You could execute them by sending them to a running zsh process through a process object returned by StartProcess[$SystemShell].


The problem was more pervasive than just MoonPosition as I noticed the same sort of odd result from DateDifference. Anyway, I restarted the kernel and everything started working as expected. Still have no idea what I did to get it into the strange state in the first place, but at least it's better now.


Funnily enough, when I tried this in version 10 (10.1 and the recently released 10.3), the legend didn't show at all. But in version 9 it does, and I assume that is what you were using given the timing of your question and the format of the graphic you posted. I have not been able to replicate your problem in either Windows or Mac versions of Mathematica ...

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