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Just to save visitors from having to click through to other sites, the issue here is that the default color depth for Raspbian (the Raspberry Pi flavor of Linux) is 16 bit, and Mathematica expects 24 bit or higher. In /boot/config.txt add the lines # To make 3D plots in Mathematica look nicer framebuffer_depth=32 framebuffer_ignore_alpha=1 The last line ...


This is a Linux-specific bug that has been fixed in Mathematica 10.0.2 and later.


This is a known bug in Mathematica 10.4.0 which will be addressed in the upcoming bugfix release. The cause is a race condition which will not generally occur on every launch, so one possible workaround would be to just killall Mathematica and try again. The problem might also be alleviated by turning off KDE desktop effects or temporarily switching to a ...

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