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Mathematica 10.0.1 makes this issue worse by eliminating altogether the Serif Mathematica font. My notebooks now have Sans symbols by default or, using the strategy suggested by Alexey Bobrick and modifying FontMap.tr, some symbols like [Phi] or [CurlyTheta] appear as small rectangles even if I use a Serif font that has greek symbols. This, I think, is a ...


The answer to this question is inspired by @DBM answering on a related issue: How to write plain Greek in a text cell I had a similiar problem, in summary: I use Style["Some text with greek letters", FontFamily->"Some font, which includes greek letters"] and export it in pdf. As the result the greek letters are shown with Mathematica font, and the rest ...


To give an answer: The problem is that you used "/home/usr/Documents/" as output directory. This is not related to Mathematica but how Linux/Unix organizes the home-directories of users. In almost all cases, your home directory is located under /home/yourName Therefore, unless your username on your machine is not "usr", you just specified a directory that ...


Under Linux the WSTP shared libraries that ship with Mathematica 10.0.1 for both 64 and 32 bit (libWSTP64i4.so and libWSTP32i4.so) appear to be broken. Link with the static versions libWSTP64i4.a or libWSTP32i4.a instead. The Windows and OS X versions are OK.

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