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Use LibraryUnload to unload the library before recompiling, so it can be overwritten. Here's a brief but very useful tutorial on using LibraryLink, which also mentions LibraryUnload: http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/a/8442/12


Yes, it's possible, and safe, provided that you do it inside the VM and not in top-level code. (Szabolcs's question provides the proof that dealing with these at top level is not safe; the values are not handled even slightly correctly.) This is reasonable to do for LibraryFunctions, because they can be called efficiently from the VM. First we need a ...


Please take a look at the file image_external.c. that you can find in your installation with the command FileNames["image_external.c", {$InstallationDirectory}, Infinity] Therein, everything you want to know is described. When it comes down to compiling, then you need to ensure you have the development files for opencv and libraw installed and you know ...

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