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This points out that Legended is typeset instead of evaluated in the kernel evaluation time. The evidence is in that InputForm[p] still contains two Legendeds and the graphics only one. This is what you need: Show[ListPlot[Range[10], PlotLegends -> {"a"}, PlotStyle -> Red], ListPlot[Range[10] + 2, PlotLegends -> {"b"}, PlotStyle -> Blue]] ...


You are using Mathematica 10. Generally speaking you should abandon the old PlotLegends package and use the newer, better legending functions. For your example: B[Q_, K_] := Cos[π/(⌊Q/K⌋ + 2)]; q = 3; Plot[{B[q, k], 0.75, 0.90}, {k, 1, 6}, PlotLegends -> LineLegend["Expressions", LabelStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Times", Italic, 18}, ...

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