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This was more involved than I expected. First, you need to set the ColorFunction to encompass the full range, ColorData[{"BlueGreenYellow", {0, 10}}] Interestingly, I did not know about that form of ColorData until earlier this week, so I recommend reading through the Details section closely. Now, to use this within ContourPlot, you need to set ...


This is an addendum to rcollyer's answer. I'll delete this should he choose to incorporate the gist of this answer into his. I think there are better choices to be made for the PlotLegends and ColorFunction options. Consider the following: ContourPlot[x y, {x, 0, 2}, {y, 0, 2}, PlotLegends -> BarLegend[{Automatic, {0, 4}}, {Automatic, 8}], ...

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