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I am not willing to make MaTeX compatible with Mathematica 9 for the simple reason that it would create too much of a maintenance burden, and I already don't have time to properly respond to all support requests. If anyone is willing to hack MaTeX to work with Mathematica 9, here's what needs to be done. The primary reason why Mathematica 10 is required ...


Unfortunately, the Mathematica's Copy As > LaTeX command is not (as you'd expect) a command that copies the selected expressions as LaTeX. Instead, it performs additional reformatting that can only be avoided by changing behavior of the relevant built-in function with: System`FEDump`CopyAsTeXMakeBoxes = #& Details Why copied boxes are reformatted ...


You may consider: 1) Use the menu item 'Save As' and choose and Save as type: Latex Document instead of Export if you need the whole document as mentioned in your question. 2) Make sure you use adequate plug-in for Wordpress or Wiki to render Latex typesetting

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