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If you add this to your KeyEventTranslations.tr file it works on Linux (I only tested english keyboard layout): Item[KeyEvent["}", Modifiers -> {Command, Shift}], FrontEndExecute[{ FrontEnd`NotebookWrite[FrontEnd`InputNotebook[], "{", After], FrontEnd`NotebookWrite[FrontEnd`InputNotebook[], "}", Before] }] ], ...


Please refer to: Prompt a set of possible options Make a backup, then open Reduce.m Edit it to read: {Cubics -> {"True", "False"}, GeneratedParameters -> {}, Quartics -> {"True", "False"}, Backsubstitution -> {"True", "False"}} Save the file Restart Mathematica Enjoy the result


Altough I haven't seen this behavior in other programs, it does indeed seem to be a Windows issue that can occur when you're using multiple keyboard layouts (where AltGr has different functions on different layouts, e.g. as a menu activation key in American layout vs activating a third character on other keys). Some services when activated in Windows ...

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