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An alternative is to customize the file MenuSetup.tr that is in the same folder of KeyEventTranslations.tr. The difference is that there you can use KernelEvaluate to execute a NotebookDelete. Here is an example of a new menu item. Insert this code in the list of Menu into the MenuSetup.tr file and restart Mathematica. Menu["My commands", { ...


Under version 10 at least for the Delete All Output menuoption one doesn't have to hit Enter any more to make it effective. This is not a full answer but it certainly makes my life one keystroke easier. This now works without putting up a confirmation dialog: FrontEndExecute@FrontEndToken@"DeleteGeneratedCells" (Tested only under Win7 6-bit.)


@mfvonh's comment told me where to look: Apparently, the MenuKey in MenuSetup.tr also binds a key to a command. So Ctrl+9 was bound twice, in KeyTranslations.tr and again in MenuSetup.tr. Once I removed/changed both bindings, I could re-bind Ctrl+9 to ]].


This isn't an answer, but I think it casts some light on the insidiousness of the problem jondaman21 has found. Before the last input line was evaluated \.0842 had the color of an unevaluated symbol, but after the last input line was evaluated it is visually indistinguishable from integer 42.

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