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Now that the workaround has worked for me for days without crash, let me put it as an answer myself. The crash (at least in my case) is because of the kernel tries to connect to internet and something wrong happened there. To solve the problem, uncheck Preference -> Internet Conectivity -> Allow the Wolfram System to access the Internet


Some services provided by Mathematica require Mathematica to access our servers through the internet. The privacy policy on this topic can be found here: http://www.wolfram.com/legal/privacy/wolfram-mathematica.html


There is a setting in Mathematica that controls whether it can access the internet. Go to Preferences -> Internet Connectivity and uncheck "Allow the Wolfram System to access the Internet". Disabling this will disable some features that depend on internet access, such as Wolfram|Alpha queries. This setting can also be controlled by the $AllowInternet ...


V10 has the option to have the program quit after the last window closes. Initially, you are prompted for your choice of the appropriate action after the last window closes: If you check the checkbox at the bottom right the default action will be to quit and the dialog box won't be shown again. I presume you must have clicked it at some time. As pointed ...


Here's a workaround. Take it as evidence that compilation to C and Listable do not always get along. a = Compile[{{p1, _Real, 0}, {p2, _Real, 0}}, Max[0., Min[p1, 10.] - p2] (*,RuntimeAttributes -> Listable}*)]; b = Compile[{{p1, _Real, 0}, {p2, _Real, 0}, {p3, _Real, 0}, {p4, _Real, 0}}, Max[0., Min[(20. - p1) 5. - p2 - p3, 10.] - p4] ...


Maybe this type of visualization will help understand the evaluation order better. Things are printed in InputForm here, but please "think" FullForm when you look at expressions. In[2]:= On[] Plus[3^3,6*9] Off[] During evaluation of In[2]:= On::trace: On[] --> Null. >> During evaluation of In[2]:= Power::trace: 3^3 --> 27. >> During ...

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