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The legacy documentation says: In version 10 MathLink was replaced with WSTP. The equivalent flag is now -wstp. If I run MathKernel.exe from the command line without any flags I get this: However if I run MathKernel.exe -wstp (equivalent to the old -mathlink flag I believe) I get only:


Using barrycarter's advice I found that ssh was throwing the error message: ssh: symbol lookup error: ssh: undefined symbol: EVP_aes_128_ctr According to this excellent answer the problem is caused by Mathematica 10 having libraries incompatible with ssh. This problem could be averted by prepending export LD_LIBRARY_PATH= to the launch command in ...


I got the answer from Mathematica Forum on Wolfram website. "If you wish to change the value of $TemporaryDirectory for a particular Mathematica session then you can simply execute $TemporaryDirectory="path to a new directory" since $TemporaryDirectory is not Protected" Thanks to David Reiss


I found an answer on StackOverflow, which I cannot reduce any further, so I'll quote: As you might well know, Mathematica loads binary MX files that implement some of its functionality. These MX files store implementations as well as definitions and attributes. This is insidious, but your Unprotect[Rule] is undone by Mathematica's newly loaded ...


Just set $TemporaryDirectory to a desired directory. You can use system commands such as FileNameJoin or FileNameSetter to create a directory name appropriate to your system. I have a unix-based Mac, so I ran an example using $TemporaryDirectory = "/tmp/math" Here is the example from the docs for OpenWrite, executed under this new setting. Create ...

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