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After a bit of consideration I recommend that you use ParallelSubmit and related functionality, e.g. WaitAll. Please consider this example: job = Array[ParallelSubmit[Pause[1]; If[Random[] > 0.7, Quit[]]; Print[#]] &, 10] This creates a series EvaluationObject tasks to perform. Within each is a 30% chance of failure simulated by If[Random[] ...


I've solved the problem by using the tunnel_sub.sh from Sacha Kratky script provided here. Thank you


This can be relatively easily done using extremely useful $FrontEnd option "ClearEvaluationQueueOnKernelQuit" introduced by Chris Degnen. Usage Print @ $SessionID quitAndEvaluate[ Print @ $SessionID ] 25183094379509806957 25183094575602627552 quitAndEvaluate[] will restart kernel without aby additional tasks. It may be useful if you want ...


This can be prevented by turning off the terminal input library. In Mathematica 9.0.1 or later, the -rawterm command line switch can be used when starting the kernel. For Mathematica 9.0.0 this can be accomplished by adding the following line Internal`NewInput=False; to the kernel init.m file.

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