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Something like this is a good start. I tried to write it in a way to make it easy to expand. ruleListQ[{r__Rule}] = True; (* JSON won't have RuleDelayed *) ruleListQ[_] = False; formatJSON[json_] := Switch[json, _?ruleListQ, (* dictionary *) Column@Replace[json, HoldPattern[a_ -> b_] :> OpenerView[{a, formatJSON[b]}], {1}], _?(ArrayQ[#, _, ...


tl;dr I think it's a memory leak (bug) and you should report it to Wolfram Support (please do!) According to my reading, you were saying that after importing JSON files many times, the kernel memory usage reported by the operating system (or some task manager program) was growing to unreasonable levels. However, the memory usage reported by the kernel ...


So if you have: file = Import[path] then after the file is not needed: Clear[file] e.g.: In[77]:= MemoryInUse[] file = Import[StringJoin[NotebookDirectory[], "IMG_3025.jpg"]]; MemoryInUse[] Clear[file]; MemoryInUse[] Out[77]= 79593488 Out[79]= 115619864 Out[81]= 79591456

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