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This is not yet a complete answer but I think it may set you on a viable path. We can style each element using StyleBox as follows: boxes = RowBox[{"(", FractionBox[ RowBox[{RowBox[{"(", RowBox[{"a", "+", "b"}], ")"}], SuperscriptBox["c", "d"]}], SqrtBox["e"]], ")"}]; colors = ColorData[54, "ColorList"] boxesNew = Module[{i = 1}, ...


I guess all the important information can be found in the tutorial, specifically in the subsection Access to the Java Object Layer There, you see that you can easily extract the class that is used for widgets << GUIKit` ref = GUIRun[Widget["Label", {"text" -> "Stay afloat!"}]] First[ref] (* « JavaObject[com.wolfram.guikit.swing.GUIKitJFrame]» ...

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