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I don't think that this is a problem with Mathematica, but rather with a combination of (possibly) HP printers and PostScript printer drivers on Macs. The error you see is a PostScript error; see this site for an explanation. The short version is that the printer has reached some kind of internal limit, most commonly caused by a page that is too complex ...


I consider this question pretty much answered by @MarcoB, as follows: Mathematica 10 apparently forces rasterization by default when exporting 3D graphics to PDF, even when one adds the option "AllowRasterization" -> False to Export. The only way to disable it is to use the Inset workaround suggested by Jens: Export["PDFTestExport.pdf", ...


As @gnosygnu mentioned in the comments of his answer, the problem is with the "Content-Type" header. So as a temporary fix before XOWA is updated, this works: ImportString[URLFetch["http://localhost:8080/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test", "Content","Headers"->{"Content-Type"->""}],"XMLObject"]

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