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This is an issue with XOWA. The HTTP Server was rewritten in v2.7.2 to handle POSTs and other features. However, it looks like it crashes on your request. I'll look at fixing this for v2.8.2. I'll comment again here when I have a resolution, but feel free to contact me directly for more info. Hope this helps!


It looks like setting Compatibility: Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) in the Save Adobe PDF dialog in Illustrator solves the issue (checked with Illustrator 17): In the resulting PDF file the transparency is flattened without rasterization (here "Untitled-1.pdf" is PDF file generated by Illustrator from blank document where the Exported file "pl.pdf" was Placed): (* ...


On OS X, a simple workaround is to re-save the Mathematica-exported PDF with Preview.app before placing it. Simply open it in Preview and press ⌘-S. I did try processing the PDF through several other programs, but Preview was the only one that worked with all files I tried without destroying them. Some others worked only with PDFs containing no ...

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