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It is certainly an OS X issue. Assuming the default shell is configured, when Terminal starts up it runs the script file ~/.bash_profile, which usually modifies the PATH environment variable. You can do the same thing in Mathematica with SetEnvironment["PATH" -> Import["!source ~/.bash_profile; echo $PATH", "Text"]] After which Environment["PATH"] ...


I think this is an OS X issue. Note that if you launch Mathematica from a terminal, you will get the value of Environment["PATH"] which you expected. For GUI applications that are started through Finder/LaunchServices, the environment (and $PATH in particular) is different and determined by the OS (this is a related recent question that had to do with ...


This is another way of doing it: Import["!powershell.exe \"Get-Help\"", "TEXT"]


The figure you are trying to Export into EPS format contains semi-transparent objects unsupported by this format: Cases[CSSSS, _Opacity, Infinity] {Opacity[0.3]} Actually all the filling produced by RegionPlot is semi-transparent as you can easily find using my shortInputForm function: CSSSS // shortInputForm Since transparency actually isn't ...

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