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Van Gogh Museum Here is the same for the tiles structure of the Van Gogh Museum at @bills' request. Note that the structure is completely different. I preserved the same resolution convention: vanInTheSkyWithLucy[catalog_, res_] := Module[{i, df, zooms, c, maxXY, t}, i = Import["http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en/collection/" <> catalog, ...


MoMA res= {1,2,3..} is the resolution.Use res = -1 for the max available resolution, but beware of a shipload of lawyers, middle managers, telephone sanitisers and hairdressers that may try to prosecute you if you use a value greater than 1, moma[catalogueNumber_, res_] := Module[{m = "http://www.moma.org", src, sj, rep, exp, a}, rep = {"]" -> "}", ...


Problem solved in OrientDB community version 2.1 I have tried the POST method with string content of size over 10kB It works, so no need to set the content length.

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