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Using Charles proxy, I was able see that ExampleData calls pacletserver.wolfram.com. With Charles recording, I ran ExampleData[{"Text", "AliceInWonderland"}] and it gave me this.


If you wanted to do this same kind of parsing for a website for which a built-in function was not available, you could read in the contents of the web page (using URLFetch) and then search this for links, which usually start with "href". For example str = "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page"; q = URLFetch[str]; ind = ...


Yep, as @Sjoerd mentions in the comments, 10.1 includes the WikipediaData functionality. You can use like this: links = WikipediaData["Mathematica", "BacklinksRules", "MaxLevelItems" -> 10, "MaxLevel" -> 2] Graph[links, VertexLabels -> Placed["Name", Tooltip], VertexStyle -> {"Mathematica" -> Red}]

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