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I have a way of doing this by wrapping the label with a Panel. This has two effects: organizes space making a view more accurate and prevents jerking. Since you gave no code that can be played with, only the controls, I make here a simple example with two controls, just to demonstrate the way. Here you are: Manipulate[ Plot[Sin[\[Theta]*x], {x, 0, 2 ...


For example: f@x_ := Sin@x; t = "myBut"; a = Automatic; Dynamic@Panel[Plot[f@x, {x, 0, 1}, PlotLabel -> Button[t, (t=""; a=None; f[x_]:=Cos@x), Appearance -> a]], ImageSize -> 300]


As @halirutan posted in the comments of the original question one can build one's own toolbar. The documentation is quite clear and provides nice examples. As he stated, It can be found here. However, I imagine that some might need help\don't want to take the time. And since I can't sleep, I've built a quick tool bar that includes some common options. ...


Here is a demonstration of the problem. I don't know why it is happening exactly though, but it seems that a workaround is simply to keep the Magnification at or below 100%. SetAttributes[setOpt, Listable]; setOpt[cell_, mag_] := SetOptions[cell, Magnification -> mag]; probCell = With[{t = Table[Random[], {10000}]}, ...


Go to Format -> Edit Stylesheet Under "Choose a style" choose "Output" Select the cell bracket of the new cell that appears Press Ctrl+Shift+E (Command+Shift+E on a Mac) to show the cell expression Change Cell[StyleData["Output"]] to Cell[StyleData["Output"], ShowCellLabel -> False] Press Ctrl+Shift+E again Close the stylesheet window

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