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I haven't tested this with data, perhaps you can post some example data. I've assumed the lists of data you import are all numbers. If you are unsure then you would need additional tests on the imported data before doing the calculation (see MatrixQ, VectorQ and their 2nd arguments). Also I suspect that PopupWindow would be a better choice than ...


Framed[ Column[ {Text[Style["1/3+1/6 =", Italic, 14]], RadioButtonBar[Null, {"a) 3/2", "b) 1/2", "c) 2/3", "d) 7/9", "e) 11/4" }]} ] ] Or a longer version: Framed[ Column[ {Text[Style["1) 1/3+1/6 =", Italic, 14]], RadioButtonBar[ Null, {"a) 3/2", "b) 1/2", "c) 2/3", "d) 7/9", "e) 11/4"}], Text[Style["2) ...

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