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To open the help page just place the cursor somewhere within the function name and press F1. To get the template list use the following shortcut Ctrl+Shift+k. More keyboard shortcuts can be found here.


There are many ways to deal with Mathematicas opportunities. Best is hit F1 and read the Documentation. You'll find "Custom Interface Construction" with many Examples: Button["Click Here", Print[10!]] Or the "GUIKit Package" as well: Needs["GUIKit`"] ref = GUIRun["Wolfram/Example/Calculator"] Concerning Import/Export read the Docu "Importing and ...


The expression that generates that GUI element is contained in the file: FileNameJoin[ {$InstallationDirectory, "SystemFiles", "FrontEnd", "TextResources", "ColorSchemeSelector.tr"}] After making a back-up you can edit that file as you see fit. I don't have time to dig into it now and make a nice improvement but I confirmed that editing works by ...


Following the example provided by @SjoerdC.deVries, here's how I solved it: menu[s_String] := s menu[l_List] := OpenerView[{First[l], Column[menu /@ Rest[l]]}] menu[data]


I think this fits your needs: f[x : {_, _}] := OpenerView[x] f[{x_, y_, z__}] := OpenerView[{x, Column[{y, z}]}] f[x_] := x MapAll[f, data] Map scans from top to bottom that's why I've used it not ReplaceAll which scans from bottom to top.

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