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This functions: params[a] = 5; params[b] = 6; Manipulate[params[a] = n, {n, 10, 100, 1}] In contrast: c = 1; Manipulate[c, {c, 10, 100, 1}] Here, the Manipulate displays the change of the local c. It doesn't change the global c which still has value 1.


It seems that the described method does work in v.10.0.0 if the image is represented as Graphics object. To convert Image to Graphics one can use Show. The reason why Graphics works is that the soft crop explicitly sets new PlotRange what can be seen by applying Options to the cropped image. But in the case of Image the PlotRange option exists only inside ...


I think this is a bug rather than a feature. One way to accomplish this that will work in some scenarios without making a copy of the image is to use the crop tool, save the image and then undo the cropping thus restoring the original image.

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