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Use the function: "EventHandler", just like follows: reportDate = Today; a = Dynamic[ With[{date = Interpreter["Date"][reportDateInput]}, If[DateObjectQ@date, reportDate = date, reportDate]], TrackedSymbols :> {reportDateInput}]; b = InputField[ Dynamic[reportDateInput, {None, With[{date = Interpreter["Date"][#]}, ...


The principal question seems to be how to format matrix input in matrix form. The rest is not explained clearly enough for me to address and seems extraneous. The OP's approach: Manipulate[value[a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i], Style["Matrix values", 12, Bold], Grid[{ {Control@{{a, 0}, InputField, ImageSize -> Small}, Control@{{b, 0}, InputField, ...

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