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I have a partial answer to my question. In order to add menu items, e.g., to submenus of the Format menu for Mathematica version 10.0.1. What to put in the init.m FrontEndExecute[ AddMenuCommands["BackgroundDialog", {Delimiter, MenuItem["Linen",Background->RGBColor[0.980,0.941,0.902]], MenuItem["AliceBlue",Background->RGBColor[0.941,0.973,1.0]], ...


I never did what you are trying to do. However, I added an add-on to the init.m file in order to always load it up together with Mma. I used then the init.m file situated here: ~\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.0\SystemFiles\Autoload\PacletManager\Kernel. May be you could try this. Please let me know, if you succeed.


I think that the reason is that -- depending on the format -- Import does either use external programs, java libraries via JLink or the frontend for imports of most "nontrivial" formats. Only some -- mainly simple ascii or plain binary -- formats and of course mathematicas own syntax are directly "imported" with pure kernel functionality. As you correctly ...


For some reason I'm not aware of, Mathematica has trouble using the Import function when the kernel is first starting up. Perhaps it loads the init.m file before it loads the definitions of all the different file types. But apparently, it knows hot to Get from a properly formatted file. If I run Export["/home/jason/temp.m", Table[{n, 2 n, 3 n}, {n, ...

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