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You could simply do SetOptions[$FrontEndSession, {InitializationCellEvaluation -> True, InitializationCellWarning -> False}]; Now Initialization Cells are evaluated without the warning even when these options are not set at the Notebook level explicitly: actually they are simply inherited by Notebook from the top level (from the $FrontEndSession). ...


Using a package file open.m Needs["JLink`"]; $FrontEndLaunchCommand = FileNameJoin[{$InstallationDirectory, "Mathematica.exe"}]; UseFrontEnd[CreateDocument[]]; from a command line (Windows) cd \Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.4 start MathKernel -noicon -initfile C:\myPath\open.m


The Autoload mechanism can be used for this. Place the package in $UserBaseDirectory/Autoload or $BaseDirectory/Autoload. However, the package must follow the standard structure, and must have a Kernel/init.m file, otherwise it won't get loaded. Also keep in mind that auto-loading of packages happens only after $UserBaseDirectory/Kernel/init.m was loaded ...

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