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I believe Block will work for you here: mem : averageFreeEnergyDensityCompiled["square", n_] := mem = Block[{Part}, Compile[{{j, _Real}, {d, _Real}, {a, _Real}, {h, _Real}, {dx, _Real}, {th, _Real, 2}, {ph, _Real, 2}}, Evaluate[(*apply boundary conditions*) s[i1_, i2_] := Which[i1 == n + 1 && i2 == n + 1, s[1, 1], i1 == ...


I think you've found a bug. It seems to me that the Encrypt/Decrypt functionality introduced in 10.1 needs more work. But, I have found that the following work around may help. If you explicitly pass the EncryptedObject properties into an EncryptedObject via its Association parameter, they will be correctly interpreted with no errors. Try this: encryptedObj ...

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