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You can also extract the PlotRange from the second Part of hist: PlotRange /. hist[[2]] // First (* {-4.`, 0.`} *) Note: hist[[2]] contains the options hist[[2]] (* {AspectRatio->1/GoldenRatio, Axes->{True,True}, AxesLabel->{None,None}, AxesOrigin->{-4.,0}, FrameTicks->{{Automatic, Automatic},{Automatic, Automatic}}, ...


You might want to consider a simple implementation with a Toggler. The only change you will need to make to your code is to explicitly set the image size of the histograms (because if the image size option is left at the default Automatic, the Toggler will shrink them down). Reproducible data. SeedRandom[42]; data1 = RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[0, ...


This will easily generalize to more than two histograms: Manipulate[ Switch[whichHistogram, 1, histo1, 2, histo2 ], {{whichHistogram, 1, "Choose histogram"}, {1 -> "blue", 2 -> "green"}} ]

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