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It turns out, after lots of poking around, that the fact that the cell is inline is not really the relevant thing. What is relevant is that each stylesheet has a property, LimitsPositioningTokens, that specifies which symbols should use the off-to-the-side limits positioning by default. For the Text style, that list includes all the usual things, including ...


This is different but you may find it useful. The second line will be evaluated in place code with panel, just Ctrl+9 to create an inline cell and type: select this and evaluate in place with Ctrl+Shift+Enter


It is quite unclear where that element is, so maybe thit approach will fit you needs: progress := Clock[1, 1, 1]; nb = CreatePalette[DynamicWrapper[ ProgressIndicator@Dynamic@progress, If[progress == 1, NotebookClose@nb], UpdateInterval -> 1] ]

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