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Something, that more or less does what you asked for, can be achieved by creating a hidden InitializationCell using a DynamicWrapper DynamicWrapper["xxx", If[foo == 23, MessageDialog["You guessed it!"], MessageDialog["You've guessed the right variable name, but not the right value yet."]]]


Ok, I read it again and again and I think I know what you are after. Here's quick fix/adjustment to make this thing a valid controller: SetAttributes[customColorSetter, HoldFirst] customColorSetter[var_] := ( If[! MatchQ[var, _RGBColor], var = Black]; Delete[ FrontEndResource["RGBColorValueSelector"][[1, 1]], {{1, 1}} ] /. ...


One can use $Pre to check if an input expression defines the correct variable and is doing so using the correct value. SetAttributes[check, HoldAll] check[new_Set] := (Print["You guessed it!"]; new) /; HoldForm@new == HoldForm@Set[foo, 23] check[new_Set] := (Print[ "You've guessed the right variable name, but not the right value yet."]; new) /; ...


As Arnoud Buzing has mentioned, when manually entering an RGBColor, in the code completion we find a user interface for finding the color components. This user interface is the same as that turns up when we click on a displayed RGBColor expression. I was wondering if this new interface could be used with Dynamic as well. Kuba showed that when we replace one ...

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