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I guess all the important information can be found in the tutorial, specifically in the subsection Access to the Java Object Layer There, you see that you can easily extract the class that is used for widgets << GUIKit` ref = GUIRun[Widget["Label", {"text" -> "Stay afloat!"}]] First[ref] (* « JavaObject[com.wolfram.guikit.swing.GUIKitJFrame]» ...


After István Zachar's points, I was investigating Input definitions to learn more. It seams that 2 years later WRI changed approach from SelectionMove based to more automatic BoxReferenceFind. usage So what we only have to do is to set BoxID option for fields of interest and find those references when we want, with: MathLink`CallFrontEnd[ ...


Here are some relevant stack exchange posts: Showing "updating..." message while Manipulate is re-evaluating Show Progressbar after pressing a button Evaluation indicator for a notebook Igor


This is based on Kuba's deleted answer. I agree with his observation that "clearer [the] code the easier to fix". So here is Kuba's code made clearer. DynamicModule[{pl, tbl, n = 1, x = 45 °, calculation = False, procedure}, Dynamic[MouseAppearance[ Column[{ If[calculation, ProgressIndicator[Appearance -> "Percolate"], ...

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