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Mathematica does it internally by using BoxForm`ArrangeSummaryBox, which is quite straightforward to figure out: MakeBoxes[obj_MyObject, fmt_] ^:= Module[{o = List @@ obj, shown, hidden, icon = Graphics[{Blue, Circle[]}, ImageSize -> 70]}, shown = {{ BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Name: ", "Name" /. o /. "Name" -> Missing[]}, fmt], ...


Perhaps there is a more convenient way of doing this than resorting to esoteric boxes. The following uses the code you posted to define a function: summaryDisplay = DynamicModule[{open = True, sqrplus = RawBoxes@FrontEndResource["FEBitmaps", "SquarePlusIconMedium"], sqrminus = RawBoxes@FrontEndResource["FEBitmaps", "SquareMinusIconMedium"], ...

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