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This is surely a bug. The misbehavior certainly persists through V10.2. In fact, the two images below are of the same computation. The only difference is where they appear on the screen (as I scrolled the notebook, the transformed red disk jumped around). μ = 0.16255558520216132` + 0.1849493244071408` I; pic[τ_] := Block[{d, ds, arc}, d = Disk[{0, ...


Just as a complementary and extended comment and as was recently observed in a related post, you get exactly the same problem if, not surprisingly, you use geometric transformation functions instead: Given the initial object to transform: circles = {Circle[{0, 0}, 1], Circle[{0, 0.5}, 0.5]}; the OP transformation: t1 = Rotate[Scale[circles, 12], -45 ...

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