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You can combine Graphics3D and the MeshRegion using their MeshPrimitives. For example, Show[Graphics3D[{Blue, Tetrahedron[]}], Graphics3D[{Red, MeshPrimitives[R, 1]}]] or Show[Graphics3D[{Opacity[0.3], Tetrahedron[]}], Graphics3D[{Red, MeshPrimitives[R, 1]}] /. Line -> Tube, Boxed -> False]


g2 just produces the same image g1 again The new rectangles in g2 are not visible because they are all red. Change Red to a random color and they become visible: g2 = Graphics[{Rectangle[], Hue[RandomReal[]], GeometricTransformation[g1[[1]], {T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8}]}] What I want to do is apply the eight transformations to g1 again, ...

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