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Not a bug - it's a feature!! First let's import the data in as quick a fashion as possible, arableLandPerPopulation=<<""; Now look at the GeoRegionValuePlot with and without the PlotRange specified ...


Maybe you should go to Preference->Evaluation and make sure the setting of Format type of new output cells is StandardForm as follows:


I think you are looking for the GeoCenter option to GeoGraphics. GeoGraphics[ GeoCenter -> {0., 180.}, GeoModel -> Entity["PlanetaryMoon", "Moon"], GeoProjection -> "Mollweide", GeoRange -> All, Background -> Black ]


The scheme of the Relief plot can be set using the ColorFunction option. The country border can be shown using Polygon and the location can be labeled using GeoMarker. Here is an example countries = EntityList[EntityClass["Country", "EuropeSovereign"]]; loc = EntityValue[EntityValue[countries, "CapitalCity"], "Position"]; GeoGraphics[{EdgeForm[Red], ...

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