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I have the same difficulties with 10.0 on Windows. The best I can get to display the complete area of Russia is GeoGraphics[Polygon @ Entity["Country", "Russia"], GeoProjection -> "Mercator", GeoRange -> {{40, 80}, {25, 195}}, ImageSize -> 600] Update To also show Kaliningrad in the far west GeoGraphics[{ PointSize[0.02], ...


It is version 10.0 specific bug. Please upgrade to a more recent version Version 10.0.0: Version 10.1 and above: Tested on Linux. It seems that other OS have the same behavior. One can extract proper options from recent version and put them to 10.0.0: GeoGraphics[Polygon@Entity["Country", "Russia"], GeoProjection -> {"LambertAzimuthal", ...


This is not an answer; it is a comment that needs to show an image. I don't get what you show from GeoGraphics[Polygon @ Entity["Country", "Russia"]] I get I evaluated your code with V10.3 running on OS X 10.10.2.


@Rahul's comment nails it... But what if you wanted a giant red slice raising from the water? Your code, assigning the graph to variable: a: upperleft = GeoPosition[{36.843626, 13.916897}]; lowerright = GeoPosition[{35.710239, 15.37673}]; demdata = Reverse[QuantityMagnitude[GeoElevationData[{upperleftlowerright}]]]; a = ListPlot3D[demdata, ...

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