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Mathematica's estimation routines are able to recover the Hurst exponent from the sample: BlockRandom[SeedRandom["mathematica.SE/58539"]; tlow = 1; thigh = 1000; tinc = 1; hurst = 0.4; dataz = RandomFunction[FractionalBrownianMotionProcess[hurst], {tlow, thigh, tinc}, 1]]; FindProcessParameters[dataz, FractionalBrownianMotionProcess[h]] {h -> ...


In Mathematica 10.0: MandelbrotSetPlot[{-2 - I, 1 + I}] (Admittedly, this doesn't address what's wrong with the code in the original question, but if you just want to get a Mandelbrot set plot, surely a built-in function is likely to be reasonably efficient.)


I notice some striking similarities between this question and the following two: Calculating a sequence of functions using iteration Multiple generators for iterative construction of fractals Presumably, the user is the same, which conceals information about your mathematical and programming background - information that's useful to potential answers. ...

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