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Maybe this could work for you: Composition[ CellPrint, Cell[#, "Text"] &, BoxData, ToBoxes, Grid[{{ Pane[#, Alignment -> Left], Pane[#2, Full, Alignment -> {Right, Center}]}}] & ][ "Left", "Right" ]


It seems that there are no special boxes for these symbols. One can, however, use standard operators of the box language and insert there symbols from the palette Menu/Palettes/Special Characters/Symbols such as integral or partial derivativederivative. Like this one finds: StyleBox[RowBox[{"\[Integral]", "y", "(", "x", ")", "\[DoubleStruckD]", "x"}], ...


No, this is not possible. A cell can only be evaluated if it contains a complete and syntactically correct expression. You might want to try Code style cells (Alt-8 or Command-8) which contain plain text and allow arbitrary formatting with spaces, tabs and newlines.


mestLevo[x_] := Last[RealDigits[N[x]]]; SigMest[x_, n_] := If[n == 0, Round[x] // N, Round[x 10^-mestLevo[x] 10^n] 10^-n 10^mestLevo[x]] // N;


What you are looking for is LineSpacing, you can use it this way: 1; 2; 3; SetOptions[EvaluationCell[], LineSpacing -> {2, 0}] Or via OptionsInspector:


You could do it using the following: SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],InputAliases->{"bn"-> FormBox[TemplateBox[{"\[SelectionPlaceholder]", "\[Placeholder]"},"Binomial"],InputForm]}] Then enter escbnesc to get a placeholder that you can tab through: Then enter the numbers and press shift-enter to evaluate. Edit To make the output appear ...


Perhaps: BarChart[stackData, ChartLabels -> {Placed[Style[#, FontSize->Scaled[.025]]&/@ newElementsSmall, Above]}, PlotLabel -> Style["6M1@32Ag", Bold, 50], ChartLegends -> {"eV"}]


OK, I think I can give you some tips about performance here. There are a couple things you do that really tend to slow you down, and which I would describe as Mathematica "anti-patterns". In particular, building arrays by repeatedly calling AppendTo is likely to be really slow (the time taken will grow quadratically in the length of the list), and accessing ...

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