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It is not very intuitive but you select the output cell and then select Format | Text Alignment | Align at Center. This will align the cells contents to centre as long as you do not delete the output cell. You can re-evaluate the expression and the output will stay centred.


You can also use Pane/Framed etc. + Full width + Alignment: Pane[ Graphics @ Disk[], Full, Alignment -> Center ] related: 46028


To get programmatically the same effect that Edmund points out, one can explicitly construct the output cell: CellPrint[ ExpressionCell[ Plot[Sin[x], {x, -7, 7}], "Output", TextAlignment -> Center ] ]


Since version 5, WRI has provided a French Language Kit for Mathematica. This is an add-on which adds French documentation, user interface, and spell checking. If you download and install the linked package, you should be able to set Mathematica to use French in the Preferences dialog. Additionally, make sure your keyboard layout is set to the use the ...


You can use GridBoxOptions and set GridBoxAlignment via the Options Inspector. (See also tutorial/OptionsForExpressionInputAndOutput -- documentation is scarce.) To set all items to be aligned left, GridBoxAlignment should be set to GridBoxAlignment -> {"Columns" -> {{Left}}} (Enter {"Columns" -> {{Left}}} in Value column for the option ...

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