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Essentially all you need to get your code to terminate is Convert Mod[b^k!, n] to PowerMod[b, k!, n] (b^k! caused the overflow). Break out of your loop once p has been found. Here's your code with these slight modifications. (I also added Monitor to see the progress.) n = 140016480344628383; b = 2; y = 0; z = 0; p = 0; Monitor[ For[k = 0, k <= ...


I have re-labelled your image for convenience. In future, please refer to documentation re: posting code rather than images. I may have made some transcription errors but perhaps this will point you in direction you are aiming for. e1 = a x^2 + c y^2 + b x y e2 = 2 c y z + 2 a w x + 2 b (x z + y w) e3 = a w^2 + c z^2 + b w z Factor[PolynomialMod[Expand[e2^2 ...

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