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Maybe upperTriangularMatrixQ2[mat_?MatrixQ] /; Equal @@ Dimensions@mat := UpperTriangularize@mat == mat; test = RandomInteger[{1, 100}, {1000, 1000}]; upperTriangularMatrixQ@test // AbsoluteTiming {2.126050, False} upperTriangularMatrixQ2@test // AbsoluteTiming {0.003277, False} test2 = UpperTriangularize@test; upperTriangularMatrixQ@test2 ...


You did not specify if this test should be optimized for the positive or negative case. If most of your matrices will fail the test it can be greatly beneficial to have an early exit behavior. For example if the lower left element in the matrix is not zero you can fail the matrix after a single element test! And even in the positive case the elements on ...


I just checked the documentation in V10 and accidentally stumbled upon a built in command: SQLConnectionOpenQ[conn] This seems to do the trick.

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