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I have uploaded your table.txt to a code sharing server. This is exactly like the data should look on your disk. As already mentioned in several comments, you just have to import it as "Table" and everything is fine: data = Import["http://hastebin.com/raw/cudesisezu", "Table"]; data[[2]] (* {0, 0.997046, -4.00611*10^-6, -0.00442103, 0.299956, 0, ...


I think you are making a mountain of a mole hill. Just because you can see a difference in the two orderings doesn't mean Mathematica can. Consider the following expressions. MatchQ[(2 Conjugate[B] μ[1] + 2 B μ[2]), (2 b_ h_[2] + 2 Conjugate[b_] h_[1] )] True Position[μ[2]] /@ {(2 Conjugate[B] μ[1] + 2 B μ[2]), (2 B μ[2] + 2 Conjugate[B] μ[1] )} ...

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