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Based on the discussion in chat among Kuba halirutan and Michael Hale: trajnormal = RandomFunction[PoissonProcess[1], {0, 100}]["PathFunction"]; trajdiscount = RandomFunction[PoissonProcess[5], {0, 100}]["PathFunction"]; Clear[show] show[1, t_, step_] := ListLinePlot[ {#, 50 - trajnormal[#]}\[Transpose] & @ Range[0, t, step], ...


There is ValueFunction, documented here. It allows detecting value changes for given symbols. For example, In[1]:= Experimental`ValueFunction[x] := Print["x changed"] In[2]:= x = 6 During evaluation of In[10]:= x changed Out[2]= 6


Each of the following codes is different that yours in this thing that it is not sorting/managing points. Events are restricted to the objects, not the Graphics. So this sould be better for overall performance. 1 quick approach If you don't need LocatorPane ability to create new Locators, and you don't, this code will do the same but shorter way. ...

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