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Since it does not seem possible to send a Stream to a Notebook (ref: How to pipe a stream to another notebook?) I can only suggest modifying the message printing routine in some way. I propose combining these two methods: How to abort on any message generated? How to Print to the Console Evaluate this in the session: PrintToConsole[expr_] := ...


This error should probably be reported to WRI as a bug, most likely in Experimental`NumericalFunction; you should not be seeing this come back up to the top level. I see no obvious reason why memory allocation should fail, as this is not really a large or difficult problem, despite the apparent complexity of the expression. However, we do not really need ...


This is the best I can get: qfB = Uncompress["You expression here"]; myfun = qfB /. {\[Lambda] -> 1., \[Gamma] -> 2., a -> 0.5162124455872646`} // N; (* so that the expression only involves t *) NMaximize[{myfun, t > 0}, t] {0.0175048, {t -> 0.570513}} Hope this helps.

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