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The data is nearly colinear, so much so that it appears to be colinear to the mesh generator. Rescale the data so that it appear to occupy a region. Let data be the argument to Interpolation in the OP's question. The values of x are too close, and some experimentation shows that scaling by 100 produces a result: ifn[x_?NumericQ, y_?NumericQ] = ...


If you set the contents of your interpolation function to be the variable data={{..,..},..} (such that Interpolation[data] gives the message), you can look at the mesh generated with: Needs["NDSolve`FEM`"] mesh = ToElementMesh[data[[All, 1]]] That also gives the message. Looking at mesh["Wireframe"] gives you an idea what is going on. You can then use ...


As requested by the OP: "It already does that by itself, doofus" :)

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