Solving equations and equation systems with Mathematica's toolkit. This includes the analytic solver family: Solve, DSolve, RSolve, LinearSolve, Reduce, FindInstance, etc. that can solve symbolic equations or inequalities in an exact way; and the numerical solver family: NSolve, NDSolve, FindRoot,

Questions should be simple, clear and well stated. Always try to reduce the problem to a bare minimum (even if it is semantically does not make sense) that illustrates the intent of the question. Please double-check that your variables are cleared and parameters and boundary conditions are set (where it is required). Provide code in InputForm and not as row boxes. This site supports $\LaTeX$, so the background information can also be provided in neatly typeset math. Please avoid using $\LaTeX$ in the code itself.

Ideally, the question must also be accompanied by the appropriate math tag such as , or . If simplification is involved consider using the tag .

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