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You probably want a workflow similar to this. First locate one or more Excel files: files = SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", {NotebookDirectory[], {"Excel File" ->{"*.xlsx","*.xls"}}}, WindowTitle -> "Import Excel File"]; Then import the selected files and do something with the imported data (what that something is, we don't know so no point in ...


While I wait for a more complete description of your needs please see: How to | Insert a File Path FileNameSetter SystemDialogInput And try: FrontEndTokenExecute["FileNameDialog"] Or: SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"]


I am not sure if this answer you, since not clear why you are doing this. btw calling the table as n is not good naming, changed to tab) DynamicModule[{x = 5, tab}, Dynamic[Row[{ tab = Table[Symbol["p" <> ToString@i], {i, 1, x}]; InputField[Dynamic@x], Dynamic@tab} ]] ]


s = FileNames["C:\\*.csv"]; selectfromAll = Select[s, StringMatchQ[#, ___ ~~ "rob" ~~ ___] &] Pane[Column[{CheckboxBar[Dynamic[selected], selectfromAll, Appearance -> "Vertical"], Dynamic[selected], Button["Import", imported = Import /@ selected]}]]

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