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It seems like the links have changed to here. Here's the new in version X pages: New in version 6 New in version 7 New in version 8 New in version 9


This is not a bug, the tick specification used in the documentation is incorrect. The tick specification in these examples is {bottom, left} which is the short form of {bottom, left, top, right} which was an older tick specification that was deprecated in v7 (according to the docs). But, it was allowed to continue to work until v10. The form you are ...


I can confirm this bug under Win 7 Mathematica A workaround for the moment is to specify all FrameTicks, e.g. Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {ConstantArray[{-1/2, 1/2}, 2], {#, #} &@{{0, 0 °}, {Pi, 180 °}, {2 Pi, 360 °}, {3 Pi, 540 °}}}] Three more workarounds that narrow down the ...


mydata = Table[RandomReal[], {100}] If you want to cut off the top .1 and bottom .1 of the data, just use the proper quantiles: ListPlot[mydata, PlotRange -> Quantile[mydata, {.1, .9}]] or interactively... Manipulate[ ListPlot[mydata, PlotRange -> Quantile[mydata, {i, 1 - i}] ], {i, 0, .5}]


It's a badly written example. What it is trying to show is something like the following behavior, where the local Assumptions option overrides the global $Assumptions. $Assumptions = x == -1; FullSimplify[E^(LogGamma[x] + LogGamma[y])] FullSimplify::infd : "Expression LogGamma[x] + LogGamma[y] simplified to ∞. ∞ FullSimplify[E^(LogGamma[x] + ...


TreePlot predates Graph. Only in version 10 was it updated to handle Graph according to the documentation. Since Graph supports more advanced functionality than TreePlot it is unsurprising that only a subset is supported by the latter, and VertexLabels is not supported. If you convert the Graph to an older, more basic format TreePlot will work: ...

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