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Actually, while the input escape ?? is shorthand for Information, ? is not a shorthand for Definition (though ? might use Definition). Basically, if there is a usage message defined, ? returns that, if not, it returns definitions. Information and ?? always return everything accessible. Compare: In[25]:= f[x_] := Cos[x] f[b_, c_] := Sin[b c] f::usage = ...


Observation in Mathematica 10.1: The problem persists (in a way): That bug persists in 10.1: Just try to evaluate the former "Neat Examples"-snippet (which is no longer in the documentation): DynamicModule[{text = ""}, Column[{InputField[Dynamic[text], String, ContinuousAction -> True, FieldHint -> "Enter a string"], Dynamic[Classify["Language", ...


fixed in 10.1 (windows): code: StringCases["abcadcacb", "a" ~~ x_ ~~ "c"] StringCases["a" ~~ x_ ~~ "c"]["abcadcacb"]


i have a solution that uses the UndocumentedTestFEParserPacket as described by John Fultz! in this question. This funny named Tool parses a String Input into the real unchanged Mathematica BoxForm. This is my code: str0 = Sum::usage str1=StringJoin[ToString[StringReplace[#, "\\\"" -> "\""]]& /@ (Riffle[MathLink`CallFrontEnd[ ...

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