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We can get the list of all built-in functions with Information: Information["*"] However, this function prints its output to a special stream called $Urgent [5]. So to be able to manipulate the output, it needs to be redirected, for example to a text file. I ran this both on a desktop (OS X) version and a Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica V10: infoFile ...


I think this question is broad since Regions are used in various fields for various purposes. Think computational geometry (Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, Convex hull etc.), finite element methods (PDEs), solid geometry etc. In addition to the links provided by Mr.Wizard, here are some additional links that might get you started: Solving Partial ...


I am not sure what you are looking for but in case any of these are new to you: New in Mathematica 10: Geometric Computation Guide: Geometric Computation Mesh-Based Geometric Regions Region Properties and Measures


Between Versions 7 and 8 Hash now gives the hash of a raw sequence of characters when applied to Strings. In past versions the string characters (quotation marks) were included in the calculation of the hash. (Reference) Use "\"" <> string <> "\"" before hashing if you want output to match older versions. \[Dash], \[LongDash] and ...

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