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A possibility: MakeBoxes[Subscript[J_, x_], StandardForm] := RowBox[{"[", SubscriptBox[ToString@J, ToString@x], "]"}] Then evaluating {sx^2, sxy} /. {sx -> Subscript[J, x], sxy -> Subscript[J, x] Subscript[J, y]} should return what you want. Another proposition One can also directly use MakeBoxes definitions for the variables ...


You can use your own normalization function Histogram[RandomReal[NormalDistribution[], 1000], Automatic, #2/Max@#2 &]


The problem is that you gave "\[Equal]" as the centering character, but you should have given "\[LongEqual]". Column[TraditionalForm /@ {HoldForm[y] == x, HoldForm[R^2] == 0.998}, Alignment -> "\[LongEqual]"] To see that TraditionalForm replaces == with "[LongEqual]", you can open up the output cell your code produces by clicking on Show ...

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