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I think that the input field that is used to display the current value of x has its own formatting rules and altering them seems difficult. It does not following PrintPrecision (as in SetOptions[$FrontEndSession, PrintPrecision -> 17], which works for output in an output cell). So a workaround is to specify the Precision of the displayed x, such that ...


This is for the "display" part of the question. In the Cloud version of notebooks which can be accessed here: https://programming.wolframcloud.com/app You can use EmbeddedHTML to embed a video right into a Cloud notebook: EmbeddedHTML[ "<iframe width='854' height='510' src='//www.youtube.com/embed/60P7717-XOQ' frameborder='0' ...


To type this into Mathematica and have it displayed in the same way, you can either use the Column and Row from the "Typesetting" part of one of the first three Pallets or use their keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Return and Ctrl + ,.

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