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Here are two functions that make the content of the DialogInput scrollable, if it's to big for the screen. With Scrollbars: screenFit1 := Pane[#, {Automatic, Min[(# // Rasterize // ImageDimensions)[[2]], ("ScreenArea" /. SystemInformation["Devices", "ScreenInformation"])[[1, 2, 2]]*0.95]}, Scrollbars -> Automatic] ...


This seems to work. picture = Rasterize[Table[i + j, {i, 100}, {j, 100}] // MatrixForm]; DialogInput[{Manipulate[Pane[picture, Scrollbars -> True, ImageSize -> Large], {a}, {a}, {a}, {a}, {a}], DefaultButton@DialogReturn[]}, WindowSize -> All] But it has scrollbars


Update: It appears that the Magnification option is available and can be used to scale whatever collection of objects is placed in the window so that everything fits. (This, of course, doesn't mean that everything will be readable.) DialogInput[Table[InputField[i], {i, 50}], WindowSize -> All, Magnification -> 0.35] End-of-update. The issue is ...

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