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This is one of the things that makes Modules hard. Composing a function from other functions is much easier to debug. I would collapse your first four lines into something like: sinfint[arg_]:=Integrate[Simplify[arg], {x, -\[Infinity], \[Infinity]}] Then, I'd test it: sinfint[E^-x^2] == Sqrt[Pi] True No Print needed. Make the function definition an ...


I sometimes use Dynamic as a debugging tool. Say there is a module which calculates some things: Clear[a,b,c,f]; test[a_] := Module[{}, b = f[a]; c = a^2;]; Now if you want to peek inside the module, in real time, make one or more of the internal variables dynamic: Dynamic[{b, c}] At first, this just returns {b,c} but if you now invoke the ...

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