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Monitor For the trivial example shown in the question, we could use Monitor to watch the global variable sum change in real time: Monitor[aSummer[10], sum] But, in general, we will probably not be so lucky that the variable or expression that we wish to monitor happens to be global -- that's why we were using Trace in the first place. TracePrint ...


One way to inspect such things without tracing is the following: Put a Dialog[] anywhere inside your loop, maybe with a condition that fires when you know things ran out of hand. Here an example which calls Dialog when counter is over 10000: aSummer[x_] := (counter = 0; sum = 0; While[counter >= 0, sum = sum + counter; If[counter > 10000, ...


Another alternative is the IntelliJ IDEA IDE with the Mathematica plugin. See this post for details: Open-source IntelliJIDEA plugin to support Mathematica development

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