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I'm the one inside the company who suggested RightComposition (and pushed for syntax for Composition and RightComposition). I'm sympathetic to your need, and have wanted the same thing once or twice myself. Given that not much /* and @* code has been written yet, I think it is certainly possible we could have /* parse to LeftComposition. I'm not sure what ...


Using this site as my rubber duck and attempting to answer my own questions: (1) Reason for existing behavior One may want to be able to do this: heldRow = HoldForm @* Row @* List; (* version 10 syntax *) x = 7; Block[{x}, heldRow[x + x + x, x^2*x^3] ] 3 xx^5 (* proposed behavior would yield: x+x+xx^2 x^3 *) My counterargument: this ...

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