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WeatherData can be told to give you all the weather stations it knows about, but there's more than one type of weather station (and duplicates!): allWeatherStations = WeatherData[]; fullformStations = FullForm /@ allWeatherStations; Tally[StringLength /@ fullformStations[[All, 1, 2]]] (*{{4, 6919}, {5, 10306}, {8, 4697}}*) Looking at the documentation, I ...


There is an example of what I think you are trying to do at the end of WeatherData help page, but its a little hard to read. However - here's what I think you want. (* Function to Get a list consisting of {CityName, Temp, Co-ords} given a Countries weather station, note we get the 1st nearest weather station to the city *) weatherdata[cityname_] := ...


I think the APIs that are calling the Wolfram Server are occasionally timing out or crashing. Yesterday, I saw failures with EarthquakeData[] and then I noticed it ran OK a few days ago in a different experiment I was running. Tonight CountryData@"G8" runs fine on my system (Win8.1). This is presumably related to "wildly fluctuating" load on those ...


I found a certain improvement using WolframAlpha. To get the rates for the last 20 days I wrote: GetRates[c1_, c2_] := With[{rt = WolframAlpha["Exchange rate " <> c1 <> " " <> c2, {{"History", 1}, "FormattedData"}]}, Round[#, 0.01]& @ Take[Cases[rt, {DateObject[__], a_Real} :> a/100, Infinity], -20]] GetRates["USDollars", ...


There are two types of curated data in the Wolfram Language, the classic "paclet" functions like ChemicalData and the EntityValue Knowledgebase functions like StarData, and only the former supports the "Preload" mechanism. If the first item in the ref 'details' section of the ref pages says The specified "name" in XXXXData can be an Entity, EntityClass, or ...


You used to be able to Preload paclet data PacletName["All", "Preload"] For e.g. chemical data you'd type: ChemicalData["All", "Preload"] See also this support article I've heard rumors (but haven't tried it myself) that in v10 this doesn't work anymore.


Easy work around without needing to figure out URL Remove all symbols used for retrieving example data from the Context Remove["DataPaclets`ExampleDataDump`*"] This will permit you still to access the other Paclets data like for example CityData etc.. (PS: stop playing with the images now, hi,hi,hi)

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