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Update Inspired by Andy Ross header = First @ iris; header = StringReplace[header,"."->""](Because Dot is protected in Mathematica) data = Rest @ iris; assign[name_, value_] := Evaluate[ToExpression[name]] = value; Thread[ assign[header, Transpose@data] ] ==================================================================== If you ...


Another way to accomplish this: Export["text.csv", Transpose@Normal@ds[{Keys, Values}]]


This is an ideal use case for SemanticImport, but unfortunately it has issues getting the commas right in version 10.0. Luckily, version 10.0.1 has already fixed this bug:


I worked on Interpreter. As far as the implentation is now, the DelimitedSequence parser does not support quoting, so what you want can't be done. We'll try to add it in a future version.


Here is one option: ds = Dataset[<|"A" -> 3757, "B" -> 426, "C" -> 193, "D" -> 1|>] Now, to create the CSV you can use: Export["text.csv", List@@@Normal@Normal@ds]

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