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I could not get the above to work. It put rules into the file and I just wanted values. Assuming that the Datasets holds a list of association objects as a simple table i.e. does not have multiple levels, I used Export["output.csv", ds[Values[#]&]//Normal]] Values is applied to every association object and Normal strips the head and table metadata ...


One possible workaround: It turns out that low level Open/Write i/o works from an initialization file. If the output is something simple like csv you can just roll your own. f=OpenWrite["test.csv"]; WriteString[f,"1,2,3\n"]; Close[f]; ExportString and Import also do not work by the way.


I can reproduce something similar to your issue but I cannot fully understand why. However, if you want an alternative command, that works at least on Windows 7, here is how to do. Add the mathematica installation folder in the system's path variable. From the command line, move to the folder where the test.m file is saved (I have it in "C:\temp\") and run ...

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