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we can try like this filesnames = FileNames["*.jpg",{dir1,dir2,...},2]; extentionfiles = "imag_" <> IntegerString[#, 10, 3] <> ".png" & /@ Range[1, 120, 1] Table[Export[dirdest <> extentionfiles[[i]], Import[filesnames[[i]]]], {i, 1, 120}];


try this: CopyFile[First@FileNames[ "E:\\work\\META分析\\source\\GSE28160_RAW1\\" ~~ cases[[1]] ~~"*.CEL"], "E:\\work\\1.CEL"] CopyFile on is own does not do filesystem globbing and so the way you have it its looking for a file that literally has a "*" in its name.


Something like... Export["C:\\Temp\\Out.txt",StringJoin[Riffle[Map[ToString[Out[#]]&,{1,2,3}],";"]]] I'd suggest you look up each of Export, StringJoin, Riffle, Map, ToString etc to work out what does what.

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