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Perhaps this? Manipulate[ {names, slide, setter, cases}, Dynamic@Switch[cases, "custom", Control[{{names, True}, {True, False}}], "a", Control[{{slide, 0}, 0, 1}], "b", Control[{{setter, "das"}, {"das", "der", "die"}}]], {{cases, "custom"}, {"custom", "a", "b"}}] The variables seem to get localized properly even though the syntax ...


I believe the jump in value of asd happens because you're dragging the indicator with the mouse when the range is reset. Here is a way that does what you want, I think. It interrupts the mouse-dragging by creating a new Slider when the boundary is reached. {Dynamic@asd, Dynamic@Slider[Dynamic[asd], Which[asd < 10, {1, 10}, asd >= 10, {9, 50, ...

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