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Every symbol always has a context. Most of the time we are in the Global context. $Context (* "Global`" *) Normally we don't have to specify a variable as Global`s Simply writing s is sufficient provided we are in the Global context. Inside your package the symbols and functions are defined in the SimulatorV2Debug`Private context. In the function ...


i am doing the same thing as you did,and i am using MSP module which is a security solution for webMathmatica。please refer my topic How to adapt MSPToExpression function in $PrePrint? sandbox seems another good solution for security,mathematica online is using it。 can i ask whether you solved this by using sandbox?


What's happening is that the expression is being read in and parsed before being evaluated, which means that the symbols Symbolize and ParsedBoxWrapper are created before the "Notation`" context is placed on the $ContextPath by Needs. Without seeing the symbols in "Notation`", Mathematica creates them in the "Global`" context, leading to the shadowing. You ...

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