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I suspect that the cells closest to the $z$ axis in your region did not get optimized because their volume was simply too small to trigger the mesh refinement function: the solid is so thin in the vicinity of the $z$ axis, and its thickness is changing so rapidly, that any constant volume requirement small enough not to trigger the generation of thousands of ...


NOT A ANSWER Once corrected, your code gives the following with Mathematica 10.3.1 (on the "Wolfram Development PlatForm") It looks like a little bit better than what you obtain. EDIT I can't investigate further : my code crashes on the "Wolfram Development Platform"


Here is a solution I can think of. Idea is to take the FullPolygon of a given country and then triangulate the region. Once that is done take the underlying Graph and do a FindShortestPath. Result will not be too bad. fullPoly = CountryData["Vietnam", "FullPolygon"]; pts = Flatten[fullPoly[[1, 1]], 1]; line = Polygon[Range[##]] & @@@ Partition[{1}~Join~ ...

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