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It is highly unlikely that your equations can be solved with DSolve, because they are nonlinear. Instead use, NDSolve To do so, P[z] and newIC[z] must be defined. For now, I set them to zero. Also, boundary conditions must be defined at surfaces, not corners, which I also fixed. Finally, there was one occurrence of v without arguments in fr, which I ...


Let's assume you have the following points a-f, which form the line segments ab and cd and ef. a = {0, 0}; b = {3, 3}; c = {1, .5}; d = {2, 1.5}; e = {0, 2}; f = {2, 0}; In order to test whether they intersect you can use RegionIntersection. First form lines from your points, then use RegionIntersection on the two lines. Compare the intersection to an ...

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