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You could set up a dynamic VertexRenderingFunction that allows you to change the colors of your vertices with a click. colorClickVRF[colors_List] := Function[{pos, name}, Module[{i, len}, i = 1; len = Length[colors]; DynamicModule[{ backColor = Lighter[First[colors]], frameColor = Darker[First[colors]]}, ...


One easy way is to replace the style of the specific nodes in the final tree. Let's make a function for it: colorize[tree_, nodes_List] := With[{patt = Alternatives @@ nodes}, tree /. Framed[p : patt, style_, r2___] :> Framed[p, style /. c_RGBColor :> Darker[c], r2] ] Now you can do t = Plotting[S, u, d, 4]; colorize[t, {S, d^2 S*u^2, d^3 ...

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