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As explained in the section tutorial/CitationManagement you need to have EndNote or BibTeX for managing your citations. Interaction with both is covered in this tutorial. Below is the result I obtained using the sample BiBTeX file downloaded here. Don't forget to work in a cell with the Text style (Alt-7 on Windows) when you use this, otherwise the ...


Based on http://support.wolfram.com/kb/472 and http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/quick-revision-history.html I would use Wolfram Research, Inc., Mathematica, Version 9.0, Champaign, IL (2012).


At last (after 2.5 months), an answer from Wolfram "support" regarding my problems with this feature, documentation (and repeated insistence from Wolfram notwithstanding): It's only presently supported under Windows.


Since I have not heard from anyone I have gotten a copy myself and tested it. It does not work with mathematica and endnote 7 on osx.


Using URLFetch with a specific header "text/bibliography" should return BibTeX citation data: URLFetch["http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-10892-1_3", "Headers" -> {"Accept" -> "text/bibliography"}] By default in my Mathematica notebook, this displays in the following format: Erdos, P. (2011). Some Problems On The Distribution Of Prime ...


If you're on Mac, then the documentation is unfortunately deceiving you. Here is a thread I found on MathGroup that says what I also found: there's no BibTeX support on Mac OS X, and this fact is intentionally omitted from the docs. I say "intentionally" because clearly the above thread indicates that they are aware of the mismatch between their docs and ...


I just found out with the BiBTeX example file, that this one is working under Windows in MM 8. But the BiBTeX file generated by Mendeley Desktop 1.7.1 does not! Even if I removed the header comment from that file, MM refused to display the entries. Then I removed the file attribute from the entry. Now it is working. The faulty path export looked like this: ...


In Version, the right-click method does indeed produce a dialog that lets me choose a .bib file, but as soon as I select it, the window shows what looks like a preview with a broken display: So it looks like this is the end of the line for now. There's no reference support on Mac, as just confirmed by this question and answer, and this one.

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